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Massage Workshop

 Thai Massage Continue Education Workshop
Taichi-chiangmai.com  is committed to sharing the traditional healing 
knowledge of Thailand and China through small classes where participants
get the maximum possible personal attention.  Our small group massage
continuing education healing arts classes provide a unique blend of the
best of Eastern and Western modalities for a multidimensional and
challenging educational experience. Students are diligently guided
as they learn and discover integral holistic therapeutic methods of
ancient Eastern healing arts like Traditional Thai massage, Chinese
Tuina massage,BaGua inner energy , Chan Si streching excise,
Tai Chi relaxation,Tai Chi meditation in action, Chi Gong breathing techniques and spiritual awareness.

 In this course you will learn

  • How to create Chi feeling
  • How to sink Chi to your Dan Tian (the central part of the body),this   is the basic skill to maintain balance of the whole   body and breathe   deeply with your Dan Tian ( Ni Shi Hu Xi ).
  • How to create four kinds of internal energy, Peng, lu,ji, and an, from the center of our body.  This is the core technique to do high  quality Thai Massage.
  • How to shift weight and use the weight correctly.
  • How to move our body as one unit to save energy and become more powerful .
  • How to release tension of our  body as this is the basic to know other person's body.
  • How to exercise our hands to make it strong and powerful in a short time.
  • How to protect our body from being injured by Yoga or Thai massage.
  • How to increase our health with Tai Chi Qi Gong and Meditation.
  • How to do Thai massage stretching exercise with Tai Chi techniques.
  • How to develop the right touch.
  • How to make our massage more therapeutic.
  • How to use proper body mechanics for safe practice of Thai massage.
  • How to create internal balance when performing Thai massage or yoga.
  • How to do special  massage meditation to connect with universal energy.
  • How to breathe to match Yoga or Thai massage movements.
  • How to deeply understand the Internal structure of Yoga massage.
  • How to transfer energy from one person to another person.
  • How to use the Golden triangle in our palms.
  • How to use Yin ,Yang and the 5 elements of our body for relaxation and creative internal energy.
  • How to create our own massage style.
  • Special body protecting exercise with the Traditional Tao system Chi Gong..
  • Tai Chi standing and walking meditation.
  • Six sounds Chi Gong and Ba Duan Jin Chi Gong.
  • The body mechanics of Thai Massage for safe practice.

 What is Nuad Bo-Rarn ?

The Thai work Nuad is usually translated into English as "massage." Bo-rarn is translated as "ancient".
So, Nuad Bo-Rarn means "ancient massage", or "ancient healing way". However, thai massage is very different from 
the type of tissue manipulation which is usually associated with massage in the context of western practice.  

Nuad Bo-Rarn is a key component of traditional Thai medicine, an ancient holistic approach to healing the
body-heart/mind-spirit. Thai medicine strives to treat the underlying cause of any illness by addressing 
imbalances in these three essences. Each essence affects the others, so the most effective treatment addresses
the whole person.Traditional Thai medicine encompasses the use of herbs, diet and nutrition, 
spiritual practices (such as meditation), and Nuad Bo-Rarn.

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